A new brand for a growing PVG

We came together to start Purpose Venture Group (PVG) out of a passion for impact and a belief that reversing climate change and economic inequality will take two things: 1) the launching and scaling of ventures working at the intersection of policy, community and markets; and 2) those ventures centering a mission of improving the lives of real people in real time. The former is a recognition that we need a lot of shots on goal to transform the market. The latter is a belief that the most important solutions benefit communities as a whole in the here and now — not moonshot technologies or trickle-down business models.

We come from different backgrounds that cut across politics, startups, finance and investing. We are builders by nature and background. We decided early on that capital, while essential to any enterprise or ecosystem, is best deployed in tandem with expertise and acumen. For the investor, that means having differentiated insights into markets, teams and opportunities. For the entrepreneur, that means having leverage in the form of trusted and experienced partners to accelerate the shaping and execution of strategy.

And so we set up PVG as an impact advisory and opportunistic incubator, partnering with entrepreneurs and investors both to scale existing ventures and, where there is a gap we can fill, to start new ones. The only things we work on are addressing climate change and economic inequality. Indeed, most of our work lies at the nexus of both. As a firm, we deepen our expertise and value to current and future partners with each challenge we face, all with the goal of accelerating impact in what is a race against time.

We talk a lot at PVG about our values: building things with optimism that we can strengthen our communities, and doing so as a team with joy and integrity. We earn the right through our work to have the impact we want to see. And today, our firm is at an inflection point — we are taking what we have been doing at a boutique level and are building to do this at scale. We are launching our new brand and website to tell this story. The new brand speaks to the ambition we have for our clients’ businesses and products – the community-oriented solutions that we believe are the most critical to making real progress for the most people.

With this rebrand, we are proud to be telling the story of our results, our clients’ impact, and the team we are continuously becoming. We are also excited about what lies ahead: the big problems we will tackle, the entrepreneurs we will empower and the best-in-class talent that will join our team. Together, we will continue to make good on our vision, our promise and our why.

We hope you join us.

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