Doubling Down for Our Team and the Future We Want to See

Purpose Venture Group is a small start-up. Our employee policies don’t affect thousands. And opinion leaders and the media are not waiting to see PVG’s response to the events of the day. Still, as a group of individuals that have come together based on our values and the vision we have for a stable climate and a more equitable and prosperous society, we must use the platforms we do have and take a stand when called. 

Over the past week, the Supreme Court has altered the landscape for individual rights in America and limited our collective ability to protect future generations from climate change. These decisions have immediate and generationally devastating consequences. They put untold numbers of lives at risk today and in the future. We should not be in the business of taking away Constitutionally protected rights in a democracy that is supposed to be the shining city on the hill for the world. 

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the freedoms it conferred, the impact is more immediate. The women who work for PVG today and in the future, the women in our families, and the women in our communities now have significantly less control over their bodies, health and livelihoods than their male counterparts. 

The decision in WV v. EPA strikes directly at the work we do every day at PVG, which is aimed at deploying new solutions and ideas to prevent catastrophic climate change. The Court’s decision removes critical levers in that fight, increases the risk of climate disasters, and will ensure we continue to emit carbon at an unsustainable rate.

These decisions have left us, and so many others, reeling. But they do not stop us from taking action. As a remote company, we have talented people spread across the country, from Indiana and Colorado to New York and Georgia. We commit to ensuring that every PVG employee has access to comprehensive health care no matter where they live, including reproductive health and abortion care. Full stop. 

The other thing we can do is double down on the solutions we are focused on every day. At PVG, we only work for clients, business models and organizations that are addressing climate change and income inequality, both of which are exacerbated by these decisions. It is an opportunity for us to put even more energy into scaling these countervailing forces to the current Supreme Court; a call to action for us to continue pushing forward and using all of our creative energy and power to accelerate the pace of positive change. 

The rulings of this Supreme Court are wrong, counter-majoritarian and counter to the moral arc of history. The consequences associated with these decisions are real and, as with any instance of injustice, have disproportionate impacts on the most vulnerable in our society. But we do still have individual and collective choice and power over what kind of world we want to fashion for ourselves, our families and communities. At PVG, we choose to take that power, committing to doing what is necessary to protect our team, and doubling down on the project of building a better world and future for all of us. 

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