About Us

We are the strategy consulting firm that makes impact investable.

For us, this means three things. First, we underwrite your plan as an investor would, helping you define a path to profitable impact that attracts capital. Second, we identify the risks and bottlenecks on your path and help you overcome them. Third, we leverage our networks as well as our policy and market know-how to expand your reach and potential, helping you scale faster.

We measure our success by the market traction and revenue growth of our clients, the capital they secure and the positive impact they have on the lives of real people in real time.

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Our Services

We exclusively advise ventures advancing the health of our climate and our social compact.

Create a Path for Big Ideas

We leverage our deep understanding of the climate and social sectors to help clients define their strategic growth path by evaluating market opportunities, tradeoffs and return potential compared to both the desired impact and the required investment.

Bring Solutions to Market

We work with clients to develop the internal capacity, external partnerships and organizational resources necessary to execute a successful go-to-market plan for a new channel, product or venture that will win the moment and the market.

Attract and Deploy Capital

We work with companies to articulate their future-state unit economics, operating model and capital allocation strategy in the context of their ambition, resulting in a compelling narrative and calculated roadmap for both deploying and raising capital.  

We provide our services via multi-month retainers. With our for-profit clients, we structure part of our compensation in equity to align our long-term interests with yours.

Our Clients

We help entrepreneurs grow game-changing concepts into needle-moving ventures. Some of our clients include:

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Our Clients

We help entrepreneurs grow game-changing concepts into needle-moving ventures. Some of our clients include:

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Stealth Projects

Carbon Offsets for Electrification

Media and Democracy

Family Offices & Investment Funds

Client Testimonials


“Purpose Venture Group provided industry insights and support that guided Elevate in building out a new business line to decarbonize affordable housing. They are smart, mission-driven and nimble, helping us pivot and scale as the world changed around us.”

Anne Evens

CEO — Elevate
Kate Henningsen

“We had a great experience working with Purpose Venture Group on how we could strategically refine our go-to-market and expand the customer base for our community solar product in specific states. PVG was able to add leverage to our already busy team, bring new insights, and help us see new opportunities across a broader surface area. They are also just nice to work with and provided trusted counsel.”

Kate Henningsen

COO — Arcadia
Patrick Moore

“Having worked with Ari for several years as a colleague at a clean energy company, and also with the talented team at PVG, they have become a go-to partner to help develop solutions for problems that are both complex and complicated. These types of problems emerge more frequently when dealing with consequential issues like clean energy transition. Stakeholders need to be identified, incentives aligned, and new products developed to facilitate market adoption. All of this must happen in a strategically coordinated way, often by connecting previously disconnected parts of the market, to achieve self-sustaining commercial solutions. If this describes the kind of challenge you are facing, I highly recommend you talk with the team at PVG.”

Patrick Moore

President and COO — Mosaic
Andy Ruben

“Tony always brought thoughtful and considerate questions to the table as a Trove board member. In particular, he was a go to person for guidance and advice on financing, complex strategic partnerships and management transitions.”

Andy Ruben

Founder and Executive Chairman — Trove
Kurt Goodjohn

“The value gained from the work with PVG, I believe, is going to be priceless in the long run.”

Kurt Goodjohn

CEO — Dvele
Ben Healey

“PVG is a special kind of firm. The team is brilliant but down-to-earth. The scale is boutique but the expertise is broad. The approach is pragmatic and commercial but the engagement is anchored in shared values. For PosiGen, partnering with PVG has helped us clarify our core narratives, secure funding, and plot expansion strategy. Over the course of the last few years, we have turned to PVG multiple times for support in solving enterprise-level challenges and charting our growth trajectory. We look forward to continuing to work together as PosiGen takes our footprint national, bringing the benefits of solar and energy efficiency to previously excluded communities across the country!”

Ben Healey

CCO — PosiGen
Ryan Coon

“As the CEO of Avail, I worked closely with the PVG team as they developed a new approach for using our technology platform's data and audience. One of the tangible results of our engagement was an ongoing partnership between Avail and Urban Institute that has increased awareness for our product and improved how the rental market functions. I was constantly impressed with the team's big-picture thinking and also their bias for action, and would recommend them to anyone who's looking to truly make an impact in the world.”

Ryan Coon

CEO — Avail
Aaron Smith

“PVG is unique in terms of real startup operational expertise and genuine focus on impact. For a startup like Savi, PVG is a perfect strategic thought partner and has the relationships and background to help us successfully implement that vision.”

Aaron Smith

Co-founder — Savi