Our Work

Finding the way forward together.

We understand the long journey between a world-changing idea and changing the world. Here are some stories of PVG partnering with enterprises to get there faster.

Rewiring America

Our Impact —

PVG incubated Rewiring America into the leading voice and national authority on electrification, taking it from concept to a scaled organization in three years. Rewiring is now a team of more than 70 full-time employees, and PVG supports full-time staff on major strategic initiatives, developing greenfield efforts to unlock billions of dollars in capital and strategic finance operations including budget planning, growth strategy and fundraising support.


Our Impact —

Mill eliminates methane emissions by keeping food waste out of landfills. PVG rebuilt the company’s core FP&A model into an investor-ready external model, driving a major fundraise and serving as the basis for the company’s budget and related KPIs. PVG helped drive decision-making on the company’s business and operating model, including its reverse logistics operations, future device generations, go-to-market partnership frameworks, subscription terms and pricing. 


Our Impact —

PVG crafted a new market expansion roadmap based on customer savings, building stock, household demographics, and multiple solar market features. We previously helped the company deeply understand and position unit profitability, paving the way for a successful $60mm Series D raise and subsequent $100mm preferred equity raise.

University of Pittsburgh

Our Impact —

PVG evaluated the scalability of a pilot program to ameliorate alumni student debt burdens, eventually co-designing a more scalable product that combines post-graduate financial aid with existing income-driven repayment plans. The program will deliver targeted debt payment protection alongside financial wellness content to recent graduates.


Our Impact —

Mosaic is a top lender for residential solar. Mosaic hired PVG to assess the home electrification market for which we developed multiple strategic scenarios for how Mosaic could best drive electrification across 30 U.S. markets. That work resulted in the development of potential financial products, tools and go-to-market strategies to improve the customer and contractor experience.


Our Impact —

Dvele builds ultra-efficient, self-powered modular homes. When Dvele met PVG, it was looking to scale its business. We developed a custom model evaluating every U.S. metro area by estimated demand for a Dvele home. We used that to help drive company decisions on the siting of its next manufacturing facility and the evolution of their product strategy to serve a wider base of their target customer market. All of this informed the creation of investor-ready materials to support the company’s latest fundraise.