Battling Climate Fatigue and Cultivating Hope with WRISE

As a company, PVG has always believed in the power and importance of hope. Hope can compel action and drive progress. It energizes our work and inspires our most creative solutions. In our climate work, a field that can at times feel overwhelming and full of dismal headlines, it is critical to not lose sight of the progress we have made so far, the advancements in climate technology evolving every day, and the opportunity for continued impact through personal actions.

This past week, Diana Rhoten and Ankita Ajith had the opportunity to connect with women working in sustainability and clean energy at WRISE’s leadership forum and share tools that can help us remain hopeful and avoid fatigue while working towards a cleaner, more equitable future. 

The presentation and guided discussion focused on a few key lessons: 

  • We have made an incredible amount of progress in clean tech innovation, renewable energy adoption and federal funding for climate initiatives
  • Hope is a productive, regenerative tool we can use to continue to make our communities cleaner, safer places to live 
  • Our personal actions, such as electrifying your home, switching to an EV and shifting to more of a plant-based diet, can significantly reduce your household’s carbon emissions

The presentation offers a deeper look into how we can use the progress made to reframe our perspectives and identify where we stand on the hope vs action matrix. PVG also outlined the opportunities and significant impact that individual action can make, large and small. Finally, the WRISE leadership summit was a great reminder of the critical role organizations can play in helping to inform and support their members, their employees, their customers and the broader public on the ways to take action and build hope. 

We feel reenergized after hearing how people in our community are responding to fatigue and fear and we’re excited to continue working with our clients to improve communities across America and advance our shared climate goals.

Download the presentation:

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